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LED high bay cooling technology

The cooling technology is very very important in the LED high bay industry.


As we know the LED source would produce a lot of heat while produce light,if the heat couldn’t be transmitted to the heatsink and keep the LED source work at a relatively low temperature,the LED source will damaged after some time.


How many different cooling technology are applicated in the LED field now?There are following different ways:


1.      Conduct heat by the surface contact of the air and heatsink

This cooling technology is the most common easy one, the heatsink contact the air, the temperature difference will let the heatsink transmit the heat to the air, and the air flows, bring the heat to other places.

high bay light Transmit heat by fan 

In this method, the surface of the heatsink, the bigger the better


2.      Transmit heat by fan


It’s broadly used in CPU cooling, it’s also called active cooling technology,in this way,the heatsink is also necessary, and the fan helps the air flow fast,to cool the heatsink and LED fast.


As the LED source if work correctly, should have a more than 50,000hours life, but the fan wouldn’t have a such long lifetime, so the quality of the fan could determine the life of the LED products.

3.      Fin heatsink cooling technology


It’s also based on surface contact cooling, but the fin heatsink is very thin,so in same size space could have more fin heat sink, bigger surface, to transmit heat better than ordinary heatsink.

high bay light Fin heatsink cooling technology

4.      Phase change cooling technology


There is a hollow cylinder in the middle of the heatsink,and in the space there is some liquid, the LED is connect to the bottom of the hollow cylinder, when the LED heat the bottom of the heatsink, the liquid will turn gas and flow up to the top of the hollow cylinder, and the top cood the gas, and the gas turned to liquid again and flow down to the bottom, the process liquid turned to gas will absorb heat, and the process gas to liquid will release heat, by the cycle the heat will be brought to the heatsink quickly and averagely.

 led high bay light Phase change cooling technology

5.      Copper heat piple cooling


The copper have fantastic heat conductivity,but as it’s more expensive than aluminium,it’s only used in some key area in the LED cooling technology, the copper piple cooling is that,there is copper piple in the heatsink,and the copper piple have liquid inside,while the LED source heat the copper piple and heatsink, the copper piple will transmit the heat to the heatsink very quickly.

led hight bay light Copper heat piple cooling


Address:Floor 4,Block B,Laowei second industry zone,Longhua Town,Shenzhen China.
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