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Hello,This is Rajeev from India. Yicai our new supplier found in Google search. Up to now, our cooperation is very nice.

—— India customer

We purchase LED Ligaht from Yicai for long time. It`s attractive for their excellent research and development of LED.

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We are a group company in Taiwan. We started business relationship with Yicai since 2010. We mainly purchase various LED Light profiles. We always can get competitive price ,high quality ,good service from Yicai. That is what i need .

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Introduction of china t8 led tube light

Brief introduction of t8 led tube light
T8 led tube light applies CREE and AOD super-bright white light as light source. The outer cover of t8 led tube light can be made by PC, which is resistance to high temperature of 135 degrees. T8 led tube light and traditional fluorescent lamps have the same caliber: 60 cm and 120 cm, 150 cm l, and their powers are 16 w and 10 w, 20 w respectively.
The operation principle of t8 led tube light
PN junction terminal voltage constitutes a certain potential barrier. When the positive bias voltage drop base, in P and N area the majority carrier diffusion to the other party. Due to the electron mobility is much bigger than the hole mobility. So a large number of electronic spread to P area, which leads that minority carrier injects to P area. These electrons come into the hole to get power which is released out as the form of light. 
The advantages of t8 led tube light
First, t8 led tube light doesn’t use hydrargyrum and plumbum. While traditional fluorescent lamp contains a lot of mercury vapor. Once traditional fluorescent lamp brkes, the mercury vapor will evaporate into the atmosphere, which pollutes the environment. T8 led tube light is known as one of the green light.
Second, t8 led tube light, not like the traditional lamps, sends out a lot of heat. It's basically can cahnge all electric energy into light energy, which will not cause the waste of energy. T8 led tube light is very economical.
Third, t8 led tube light is a very quiet energy-saving lamps, not like the traditional fluorescent lamp wich make a lot of noise. T8 led tube light is very suitable for quiet environment, such as library. T8 led tube light is also good for eye protection.
Fourth, t8 led tube light is a kind of lamps and lanterns of green environmental protection. T8 led tube light will not produce ultraviolet and infrared radiation, with no mercury and other harmful substances. And its calorific value is small. All these can avoid the mosquitoes around the light source, thus created a clean indoor environment.
The last point, t8 led tube light has a long service life. Its power consumption is less three times than traditional fluorescent lamp, but it is in line with the traditional fluorescent lamp brightness. Of course, the color of t8 led tube light is very rich, whcih can meet the needs of different occasions.
t8 led tube light
Address:Floor 4,Block B,Laowei second industry zone,Longhua Town,Shenzhen China.
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