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Hello,This is Rajeev from India. Yicai our new supplier found in Google search. Up to now, our cooperation is very nice.

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We purchase LED Ligaht from Yicai for long time. It`s attractive for their excellent research and development of LED.

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We are a group company in Taiwan. We started business relationship with Yicai since 2010. We mainly purchase various LED Light profiles. We always can get competitive price ,high quality ,good service from Yicai. That is what i need .

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COB LED Downlight from Yicai Lighting

    COB LED downlight is a detailed classification of LED downlight. The “COB LED downlight” is named according to its COB packaging of luminescent source. COB LED downlight applies aluminum alloy with high thermal conductivity and patent technology design to produce. COB LED downlight has been widely used in the field of commercial lighting, while it’s also slowly penetrated in home lighting field. How to choose COB LED downlight is an urgent attention for every user. COB LED downlight covers widely 3 w, 5 w, 6 w, 7 w, 9 w and 10 w, 12 w and 15 w, 20 w, etc in commercial lighting. Each kind of specification is suitable for different filed, and it mainly depends on the user’s requirements: brightness, irradiation distance and the width of the installation place.

    Basic parameter of COB LED downlight

     Light Sources of COB LED downlight: use low light failure but high power LED as light source so as to ensure its features such as long life, energy saving, high efficiency, environmental protection, etc.

    The level of prevention to get an electric shock: level II

     Power supply type of COB LED downlight: generally use the external power supply

     Light distribution type of COB LED downlight: narrow light (15 ° to 30 °) wide light (45 ° to 60 °) 

     Light distribution methods of COB LED downlight: smooth lens (highlight), reticulate lens (half light), bead surface lens (soft light) 

     Connection mode of COB LED downlight: terminal connection

     Installation location: indoor

                          cob led downlight      

    The main advantages of COB LED downlight:

      1. COB encapsulation light source module can be directly installed on the heat dissipation base board, so there are less procession than the SMD.

      2.Chip can be directly binding on the heat dissipation substrate, and then COB cooling effect is good. What’s more, the temperature difference between COB packaging chip and the heat          dissipation substrate is small. Then COB LED downlight has a good heat dissipation, small light failure and a long service life.

      3. COB module’s light is uniform and soft. Under the same power, dazzle light is much smaller.

      4. Compared with the SMD, COB packaging costs are lower.

    As one of the leading COB LED downlight suppliers in China, Shenzhen Yicai Lighting Co.,Ltd is waiting for your further news and glad to offer more information about COB LED downlight for you. The email and telephone are available all the time. 

Address:Floor 4,Block B,Laowei second industry zone,Longhua Town,Shenzhen China.
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