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Hello,This is Rajeev from India. Yicai our new supplier found in Google search. Up to now, our cooperation is very nice.

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We purchase LED Ligaht from Yicai for long time. It`s attractive for their excellent research and development of LED.

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We are a group company in Taiwan. We started business relationship with Yicai since 2010. We mainly purchase various LED Light profiles. We always can get competitive price ,high quality ,good service from Yicai. That is what i need .

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Cree Launch LED Downlight-Life For 27 Years

    The long life make great contributions in promoting Cree LED downlight. And its commitment to "live longer than regular bulbs do 20 to 25 years." has become its symbol. This commitment is very good, but high price of Cree LED downlight is also beyond some person’s reach. 

    Recently, the leading LED manufacturer-Cree announced to launch a new Cree LED downlight product. This new type of Cree LED downlight has longer life for 27 years (30000 hours) and costs a mere $8 (about RMB 51). The Cree executives said, "although the Cree LED downligh seems no different from the traditional light bulb, in fact, it has significant increase on the energy-saving function. There is no doubt that it would be a be a better Cree LED downlight.

    This brand new Cree LED downlight of display color will also be optimized with color rendering index as high as 83. This kind of Cree LED downlight are disposed with most standard dimmers and the light can be fully adjusted. The Cree LED downlight is also suitable for sealing device and has omnidirectional light distribution energy star certification.

After the installation of the Cree LED downlight, it can respectively replace40 w Incandescent lamp and 60 w in 2700 k white light and 5000k warm white light. According to Preliminary estimation, Cree LED downlight can help save the energy consumption as high as 85%. 

    In order to increase the confidence, Cree officials said users can get Cree LED downlight refund guarantee without offering reasons. If you are not satisfied with this kind of Cree LED downlight, you are available to directly refund.

    Now a Cree LED downlight only costs you eight dollars. Don’t hesitate to buy a high quality Creed LED downlight for your house. 

    As one of the Cree LED downlight Manufacturers, Shenzhen Yicai Lighting Co.,Ltd specializes in China Cree LED downlight and aims to supply professional design, R&D, production and sales services. Yicai company is famous for its advanced mechanical processing shop, automatic surface mount system workshop, optical testing instrument and perfect aging shop, good metallic feeling and standardized with international dimensions. Their main products cover LED high bay light, bridgelux LED high bay light, LED tube, COB LED downlight, LED down light, LED panel light, LED flood light, Cree LED downlight, LED tunnel as well as indoor commercial lights and outdoor lighting. Welcome to Yicai for more information of Cree LED downlight.
Address:Floor 4,Block B,Laowei second industry zone,Longhua Town,Shenzhen China.
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