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Hello,This is Rajeev from India. Yicai our new supplier found in Google search. Up to now, our cooperation is very nice.

—— India customer

We purchase LED Ligaht from Yicai for long time. It`s attractive for their excellent research and development of LED.

—— Africa customer

We are a group company in Taiwan. We started business relationship with Yicai since 2010. We mainly purchase various LED Light profiles. We always can get competitive price ,high quality ,good service from Yicai. That is what i need .

—— Taiwan customer

LED High Bay Lighting Application | high bay fitures application

    Intelligent high bay LED Lighting Systems are saving customers up to 90% on their lighting energy costs every day. From manufacturing facilities, to warehouses and transportation depots, the key to efficiency is integrated intelligence — sensing, controls, and wireless networking — in well-designed LED fixtures. The result? Unparalleled efficiency, control, flexibility, rapid project payback periods, and new insights into how facilities are being used in many different lighting applications.

1. Warehouse LED High Bay Lighting
Proven in hundreds of warehouses worldwide, the Digital Lumens Intelligent LED high bay Lighting System delivers better, higher quality lighting and light levels at a fraction of the energy cost associated with high bay alternatives. High bay and linear LED fixtures evenly distribute light over open areas and are suitable for aisle and task lighting. All 
warehouse LED high bay  lighting fixtures meet ASHRAE led high bay lighting requirements, without over-lighting or glare.

high bay lighting in warehouse

2. Manufacturing LED High Bay Lighting
With its clean, bright light and significantly lower power requirements, the Digital Lumens Intelligent LED High Bay Lighting System is the perfect choice for manufacturing facilities. Proven in millions of square feet around the world, this flexible led high bay lighting system provides the control facility managers need to improve led high bay lighting for enhanced workplace safety and productivity. All while saving significant amounts of energy.

high bay lighting in manufacturing

3. Sports Facilities LED High Bay Lighting
With high ceilings, changing usage patterns, and large, open spaces, sports facilities present significant lighting challenges. They need the right amount of light to ensure safety and to support athletic activities, and have traditionally been expensive to illuminate — without the tools to match lighting to facility use. No longer. Energy efficient, maintenance-free intelligent LED lighting systems are completely changing what is possible in sports facility lighting.
high bay lighting in sports

4.Retail LED High Bay Lighting
Large retail stores with high ceilings and a combination of wide-open spaces and aisles face a unique set of led high bay lighting challenges, particularly when it comes to energy-efficient choices. The Digital Lumens Intelligent LED high bay Lighting System is optimized for these environments, delivering maximum energy efficiency, as well as the excellent illumination levels and even light distribution that create ideal shopping experiences.

retail high bay lighting

Address:Floor 4,Block B,Laowei second industry zone,Longhua Town,Shenzhen China.
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