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Hello,This is Rajeev from India. Yicai our new supplier found in Google search. Up to now, our cooperation is very nice.

—— India customer

We purchase LED Ligaht from Yicai for long time. It`s attractive for their excellent research and development of LED.

—— Africa customer

We are a group company in Taiwan. We started business relationship with Yicai since 2010. We mainly purchase various LED Light profiles. We always can get competitive price ,high quality ,good service from Yicai. That is what i need .

—— Taiwan customer

What is LED Flood Light

    LED flood light is a kind of point light source which can illuminate equably all directions , it can adjust the scope of illumination.
    Basic information of LED flood light:
    Light source: CREE high power LED ( available for custom color and temperature)
    The angle of beam divergence: 5°-120°( customized design is available)
    Working life: more than 30000 hours
    Shell material of LED flood light: metal forming
    Mask material of LED flood light: transparent toughened glass
    Specification of LED flood light: 560mm×300mm
    Input voltage: AC220V
    Voltage stabilized range: AC130-264V
    Power: 200 w to 300 w (power can be customized according to the practical application)
    Temperature range: -40℃--+50℃
    Humidity range: 0--95%
    The level of protection: IP65

    Applications of LED flood light: Construction site, the work high above the car, square, park, art Spaces, factory workshop, gyms, golf courses, shops, subway station, gas station, building, sculpture, green lighting and other places.

led flood lightled flood light

    The product feature of LED flood light:
    Because of the small electrical flow, LED flood light’s temperature rises unobviously. If the environment temperature is higher, LED flood light’s dominant wavelength will become redshift, the brightness will decline, and the uniformity and consistency of illumination will get worse. Especially temperature of the lattice and large screen will influence deeply in LED flood light’s reliability and stability. So the design of heat dissipation is really important. 

    LED flood light is a light object with a specific point light source which illuminate uniformly in all directions. LED flood light can be recognized as something same with light bulbs and candles. LED flood light can be placed anywhere in the scene. For example, LED flood light can be placed outside the scope of camera or the inside of the object. It’s common that many different colored LED flood light is used in one scene. These LED flood lights can mix lightness and darkness on the model. The illumination range of LED flood light is big, so the light effect is very easy to predict. And LED flood light also have many auxiliary usage. For example, place the LED flood light near the surface of the object, the object will have bright light on the surface.

Address:Floor 4,Block B,Laowei second industry zone,Longhua Town,Shenzhen China.
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